Minggu, 26 Juli 2015

Will God say the same words to the so called [majority of pastors] shepherds TODAY?

First of all I thank ALL those Pastors who have shepherded their flock, poured out your life into the flock, setting an example for your flock to follow as Jesus did.
1Pe 5:2 -3 Shepherd the flock of God among you, exercising oversight, not by compulsion, but willingly; nor eagerly for base gain, but readily; nor as exercising lordship over the ones allotted to you, but becoming examples of the flock.
Will God say the same words to the so called [majority of pastors] shepherds TODAY?
(Eze 34:1 -10] And the Word of Jehovah was to me, saying, Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel. Prophesy and say to them, to the shepherds, So says the Lord Jehovah: Woe to the shepherds of Israel who are feeding themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flock? You eat the fat and clothe yourselves with the wool, you sacrifice the fat ones, and you do not feed the flock.
You have not made the weak strong; and you have not healed the sick, and you have not bound up the broken. And the banished have not been brought back, and you have not sought the lost, but you rule them with force and with harshness. And they were scattered for lack of a shepherd. And they became food to all the beasts of the field when they were scattered. My sheep strayed through all the mountains and on every high hill. And My sheep were scattered on all the face of the earth, and none searched, and none sought for them. For this reason, shepherds, hear the Word of Jehovah: As I live, declares the Lord Jehovah, surely because My sheep became a prey, and My sheep became food for all the beasts of the field, from not having a shepherd, and because My shepherds did not search for My sheep, but the shepherds fed themselves and did not feed the flock, so, O shepherds, hear the Word of Jehovah: So says the Lord Jehovah: Behold, I am against the shepherds, and I will require My sheep from their hand and cause them to cease from pasturing the sheep. And the shepherds shall no longer feed themselves, for I will deliver My sheep from their mouth, and they will not be food to devour.

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