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Prayer: Don't Let Me Live Wrong

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept
the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness,
which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and
not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing.
-- 2 Timothy 4:7-8

For years I have made a practice of writing many of my earnest
prayers to God in a little book--a book now well worn. I still turn
often to the petitions I recorded in that book. I remind God often
of what my prayers have been.

One prayer in the book--and God knows it well by this time, for I
pray it often--goes like this:

Oh God, Let me die rather than to go on day by day living wrong. I
do not want to become a careless, fleshly old man. I want to be
right so that I can die right. Lord, I do not want my life to be
extended if it would mean that I should cease to live right and
fail in my mission to glorify You all of my days!...

As you will recall from Second Kings 20 , the Lord gave Hezekiah a
15-year extension of life. Restored to health and vigor, Hezekiah
disgraced himself and dishonored God before he died and was

I would not want an extra 15 years in which to backslide and
dishonor my Lord. I would rather go home right now than to live
on--if living on was to be a waste of God's time and my own!
Jesus Is Victor! pp. 141-142

"Please, Father, help me to finish well. Amen."
Christopher and Vijaya.K.


Dear Friends,
What makes an assembly an assembly of Christ Jesus [Church of the Lord Jesus Christ]?
1] Is it when they gather in a building?
2] Is it when they have a sign board which says it is a church?
3] Is it when other local churches recognize it as a church?
4] Is it when it is registered with the government?
5] Is it when they sing some songs and collect offerings, and have some religious activities?
Matthew 18:20 (NKJV) For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”
1] It is when we are in fellowship with Jesus.
2] It is when our character is being changed to be like Jesus’ character. [The name of a person speaks of his character].
3] It is when we are in agreement with Jesus will and purpose.
4] It is when we are in agreement with each other.
5] It is when Jesus recognizes it as HIS assembly [His Church].
6] It is when we are committed to Jesus’ purpose and are fulfilling it.
Jesus is with those who are with HIM. Those who are with Him are those who walk in obedience to His word. They take Jesus’ words seriously and go out and make disciples. They do not fear man but God. Very, very few churches are disciples of Jesus Christ and are making disciples. Very, very few churches are involved in discipling nations. There is a need for the gatherings to become gatherings of Jesus Christ. There is a need for the gatherings to become disciples of Jesus Christ. Then they will be able to disciple others.
Matthew 28:18-20 (NKJV) 18 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.
Will Jesus be found in their gathering? Can it be a gathering of Jesus Christ? Will Jesus manifest Himself in those gatherings? Or are we going through the forms of religion and not having the power of God?
I had a dream last night and was shown the condition the church.
1] It was a large gathering.
Was Jesus there?
2] The gathering has kept up with the latest technology that is found in the latest modern church. They have kept up with the latest songs. They have kept up with the latest “spiritual clich├ęs”.
There is a need to keep up with God.
3] There were many sick and limping people.
Their prayers are not answered. Many are spiritually sick and limping.
4] There was chaos in the gathering yet nobody realize it.
No God in their gathering, no order and no discernment.
5] There was no godly leadership.
There is a need for godly example shown by leaders. Pharisees produce Pharisees. Sadducees produce Sadducees. Hypocrites have produced hypocrites. Sons of hell produce sons of hell.
Matthew 23:15 (NKJV) “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves.
6] There was no reverence for God.
Gatherings full of man pleasers. Need for God pleasers to rise up.
7] There was wrong attitude.
They wanted to appear good and nice before men. There is a need to stand upright before God.
What makes an assembly an assembly of Christ Jesus [Church of the Lord Jesus Christ]?
In His Majesty’s Service

Sabtu, 03 Mei 2008


Dear Friends and Partners in the Kingdom of God ,


We greet you in Jesus name. We thank those who have stood by the side of us in prayer and financial support.
Especially Air Itam Baptist Centre – Penang (the only church) who stood by the side of us from 2005 until now.
In 2005 they began supporting us RM500 per month and in 2006 and 2007 they increased their support from RM500 to Rm600 per month and this year they are supporting us RM700 per month . This has been helpful for us to take care of our house rent [ RM450 ] and other utilities [ RM200 plus].
We also thank God for those who have support us financially from time to time.

Please pray for our coming meetings and also for the nations.

4/5/2008 Grace [AOG] - Penang
6/6/2008 to 8/6/2008 –Air Itam Baptist Centre’s Church Camp at Cameron Highlands
12/6/2008 Emmanuel Word Centre –Kulim
15/6/2008 GROW –Bukit Mertajam - Penang

Indonesia 5/5/2008 to 2/6/2008

Surabaya, Probolinggo, Jember, Malang

India 4/8 to 31/8/2008 [Tiruvanthanathapuram / Chenganur / Kotayam / Cochin ]

JUNE and JULY set aside either for Sabah or United Kingdom or both.

We are a faith ministry. When you are lead by the Lord to give, do send your check to


I/C Number -540303-07-5307

May Bank account number : 107125195025

Home Branch number 07125 -KAMPONG BHARU

Swift Code -MBBEMYKL

The Favor of God is upon the righteous ones.

In His Majesty’s Service

Christopher and Vijaya.K.


Pastoral Ministry: How Much I Could Have Done

And not only as we had hoped, but they first gave themselves to the
Lord, and then to us by the will of God.
-- 2 Corinthians 8:5

Before the judgment seat of Christ my service will be judged not by how much I have done but by how much I could have done. In God's sight my giving is measured not by how much I have given but by how much I could have given and how much I had left after I made my gift. The needs of the world and my total ability to minister to those needs decide the worth of my service.

Not by its size is my gift judged, but by how much of me there is in it. No man gives at all until he has given all. No man gives anything acceptable to God until he has first given himself in love and sacrifice....

In the work of the church the amount one man must do to accomplish a given task is determined by how much or how little the rest of the company is willing to do. It is a rare church whose members all put their shoulder to the wheel. The typical church is composed of the few whose shoulders are bruised by their faithful labors and the many who are unwilling to raise a blister in the service of God and their fellow men. There may be a bit of wry humor in all this, but it is quite certain that there will be no laughter when each of us gives account to God of the deeds done in the body. That Incredible Christian, 105.

"Help me to give of myself completely today, Lord. I hold nothing back, even if at the end of the day I'm the only one with a bruised shoulder. Amen."

Pastoral Ministry: We Languish for Men

Then Paul answered, "What do you mean by weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus." -- Acts 21:13

The Church at this moment needs men, the right kind of men, bold men....

We languish for men who feel themselves expendable in the warfare of the soul, who cannot be frightened by threats of death because they have already died to the allurements of this world. Such men will be free from the compulsions that control weaker men. They will not be forced to do things by the squeeze of circumstances; their only compulsion will come from within--or from above.

This kind of freedom is necessary if we are to have prophets in our pulpits again instead of mascots. These free men will serve God and mankind from motives too high to be understood by the rank and file of religious retainers who today shuttle in and out of the sanctuary. They will make no decisions out of fear, take no course out of a desire to please, accept no service for financial considerations, perform no religious act out of mere custom; nor will they allow themselves to be influenced by the love of publicity or the desire for reputation. Of God and Men, 11-13.

"Lord, what would it take for me to be that kind of man? Do in me whatever work You need to do today, that I might die to the allurements of the world and serve You with high motives. Amen."