Jumat, 07 Agustus 2015

Five Ministries that God give to the church

1] Generally speaking most local churches reject the Apostles and Prophets and exalt the Pastors or the Pastors lord it over all the other ministries.
2] Ideal: All Five Ministries that Jesus has given should be given the freedom and space to function and equip [furnish] the Body of Christ. They should be taken care of by the local churches [that is if they honor Christ].
How do we know whether these ministries are of God? Here are some questions we can ask?
a] Does these ministries bring us closer to the heart of God?
b] Does it build up the Body of Christ or does it build up a particular ministry, local church or denomination?
c] Does it glorify God, or men?
d] Does it emphasize balance between the exercise of the gifts and the character of the believer?
e] Are the teachings and practices in line with the Word of God?
f] Does it support the fulfillment of the Great Commission?